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Mom Sam of the Cottage Table Company always finds hilarity in Django’s “happy jump.” Sam knew it was love at first sight when, on a rabbit-seeking trip to the House Rabbit Society in Richmond, California, “Django came right out and said hello when I approached his pen.” Django wouldn’t want you to know that every spring when he sheds his winter coat, his top half loses hair more quickly than the bottom half–giving him an extreme fringe hairdo!

About this Portrait

Mom Sam mentioned to Jennifer the idea of decorating the walls of the Cottage Table Company with portraits of Django, the company mascot. Jennifer accepted the challenge and the resulting portrait inspired the Django Challenge, a contest for local artists challenging them to capture Django and win a custom coffee table. Jennifer says, “I enjoyed the opportunity to capture the character of Django. Rabbits are rather round, and it was challenging and fun to use color to accentuate the subtle curves of Django and portray his character.”

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