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The Making of a Van Gogh My Pet!

Pet portrait painting artist Jennifer Heller has spent her life studying art, color, and pets. She never fails to find inspiration in the work of Vincent Van Gogh, and her study and appreciation of his work is the inspiration for Van Gogh My Pet original pet portraits.

Jennifer gets to know each pet by reading the information their parents provide, studying multiple photographs, and quizzing the parents for more information. When the inspiration strikes, she begins to paint, always using the highest quality canvas paper and oil pastels.

She says, “Every pet portrait is a journey I take with a pet, from first getting to know him or her, to watching their eyes come alive as I paint. Even when the portrait is in outlines, I see the pet’s energy.

“The resulting composition is the culmination of this adventure of making a new friend–getting to know your pet and his or her spirit and likeness.”Watch as Lou comes alive

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