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Submitted by mom Callie

Ohhhh my, where oh where do I begin? I never thought I could ever love something so so much. So it all began one day here in Oakland. East Oakland to be exact. I was getting out of my car, and this woman was driving by, saw me and stopped. She handed me a flier that had puppies for sale on it. Little baby Yorkshire Terriers! ADORABLE!! I ran in the house to show my housemates. Who laughed at me. “They” are of the breed of people, slash males, who think that if the dog is a small “toy” size, then in fact it is not a dog at all! All I heard was you can’t get one of those!, that’s not even a dog! So needless to say my dreams where crushed! Do deal with my sadness I sort of put it out of my mind. Give or take a month or so later, my housemate went back East to Philly, for a Bar Mitzvah, and low and behold when he got home he said he had a surprise for me. So I’m thinking “did he bring me a Philly cheese steak?” And what does he give me but a baby Yorkshire terrier!!!!! OMG! I was so excited! As it turns out his Aunt’s friend at work, had puppies! (Obviously not her, but her dog.) So he went threw all the hassle of the airport and traveling with a puppy and brought me Quinn! Dr. Quinn Medicine Dog to be exact. I love her so much! I never fancied myself a animal person, but she is just the best little puppy in the world, so sweet and loving! I’m the luckiest pet owner in the world, and that is why I must honor her with a self portrait, and who doesn’t love Van Gogh?

Thanks everyone for your votes!

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