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Lulu (left) and Baby (right) are of the esteemed breed “Cute” and “Fluffy”. Mom Madeleine remembers fondly what a wonderful mother Lulu was to Baby, and how she wouldn’t let him out of her sight! To everyone’s surprise, later in life, Baby rocked a mohawk. Madeleine recalls, “For some inexplicable reason, Baby couldn’t stop licking his flanks until he was completely bald except for a strip down his spine. Though I don’t know what caused this, Baby was just as chatty, hungry and affectionate as always. Eventually this passed.” Lulu and Baby spend their time following Madeleine around and meowing their extensive daily reports.

About this Portrait

Jennifer really enjoyed portraying the family dynamic. She says, “Painting black and white pets is always challenging, but with Lulu and Baby, their relationship gave them so much color, the portrait almost painted itself!”

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Lulu & Baby

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