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Submitted by best friend Lauren

Tazz is my lovely and loving Bull Terrier. He entered my life on October 30, 2008, 12 days after my 12.5 year old Bull Terrier passed away. Tazz makes my life complete. He turned the grief of losing a pet into the love that you have for a pet. Moving on was extremely difficult, but he was always there to give me a hug and kiss the tears away.

When Tazz came to us, he had some grief to get over too. His previous owner had to give him up to save his life. Tazz loves to play and his yard backed onto a school playground. One day Tazz escaped and while trying to play with the children, he knocked over a little girl. As he continued to run, he scratched the little girl and the girl’s family sued. On top of losing a court case and their home insurance, Tazz’s family was unable to register Tazz with the city. In order to save his life, Tazz was flown to Ontario where he waited to be adopted. We saw him on when he first arrived, but didn’t want to bring home a young dog when we still had our old Bully. When our old Bully passed, we looked on petfinder to see that Tazz was still available.

After losing everything that he once knew, Tazz has settled in quite nicely and loves his new family. He became very attached to me when we first got him and would cry at the door when I left. As he got more comfortable, he would lie on the couch and periodically look up at my picture with a loud cry. Tazz now sleeps while I’m gone and has recently been going back to bed with my dad.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in November and Tazz has formed a strong bond with him since his surgery. From the moment I leave to the moment I come back, he sleeps with my dad. He likes to jump up on the ottoman and cuddle between my dad’s legs.

Tazz also loves other dogs. He plays with our friend’s Basenji and my Uncle’s Whippets on a regular basis.

Tazz is an all-around amazing dog and I’d love to show my love for him by hanging a Van Gogh Tazz in my room.

Thanks everyone for your votes!

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Marion February 13, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Tazz is a very special dog.

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