New Life for Van Gogh


New Life for Van Gogh

Oakland, CA – November 20, 2009

Is Van Gogh still alive? One wonders upon viewing Jennifer Heller’s pet portraits, which embody the soul of the famous impressionist painter. These colorful and lively portraits and the pets they honor are the focus of the newly debuted Van Gogh My Pet (, a website offering custom pet portraits along with a shop that offers clients the chance to adorn aprons, throw pillows, and pet products with the customized portraits of their pets.

Jennifer, a life-long artist, had spent years studying and admiring Van Gogh’s oeuvre. “It’s fascinating to notice the emotion in his brush strokes and the layering of the pigment on the canvas. In his portraits, these details uncannily capture the spirit of the person he is painting.”

“One day I knew my tabby cat and best friend needed to be honored on my wall, in a work of art,” Jennifer recalls. She immediately picked up her paints and the resulting portrait looked shockingly like a Van Gogh. “As an artist, pet lover, and businesswoman, I had been looking for a niche that I would relish devoting my energy to. I knew I had found my calling.”

Jennifer loves working with clients to get to know their pet’s personality. “When a portrait truly captures the spirit of an animal, it doesn’t matter whether he or she is dearly departed or in the other room–you are not alone.”

Van Gogh My Pet
Jennifer Heller

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